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The Treasury Department of the South Central Conference of Seventh-day Adventists welcomes you to our facilities, our services, and our hearts as we share in the bountiful blessings awaiting us in 2018.


The Apostle Peter reminds us to “use whatever gifts [we] have received to serve others as faithful stewards of God’s grace in various forms.” (1Peter 4:10)  In the Treasury Department, our assignment is to serve you faithfully, as we strive to be accountable stewards over God’s “storehouse”.

As we continually seek creative, innovative ways to fulfil our mission, we solicit your frequent, fervent prayers for God’s grace and power; that He will teach us, direct us, and strengthen us.  And “in all things may God be praised through Jesus Christ”.

“We have nothing to fear for the future, unless we forget the way the Lord has led us in the past.”

May God grant each member, each family, each church, each district, all that you need to serve each other effectively, to witness to those in your sphere of influence intentionally, and to support His church faithfully through your systematic, benevolence. And may He come soon to claim us for eternity.

Yours in Service,

Sonja Crayton (Mrs.), B.Sc., MBA