Joint Federation Youth Day

An In-Person, Outdoor Worship & Connecting Event- Bring your lawn chairs, picnic blankets, tents, hammocks, and umbrellas and hang out. (and Bug repellant)

Each year our youth attend a local federation in their city, or federation area. We have missed out on doing this in a major way due to Covid. This fall instead of each federation attempting to pull off a big youth event in their city, with limited funds, and possibly closed churches, we decided to give them a place to come back to and fellowship again, safely. 5 Federations have come together to create a fun, safe, gathering for our youth who have been hit hard by social distancing, quarantine, missing friends, events, and more. Please support the youth today!

The event is finished.


Oct 16 2021


Central Time
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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