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Welcome to the Publishing Department

We endeavors to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world to every nation through the use of the printed pages.

Publishing Department Report 2012

2018-2019 Campaign

The Literature Evangelism Training Center (LETC) is a place where students can spread the word of God and help to support their financial situation at the same time.
The very best education young men can obtain is by entering the canvassing field and working from house to house. In this work they will find opportunity to speak the words of life. Thus they will sow the seeds of truth. Let young men show that they have resting on them a burden from the Lord. The only way for them to prove that they can stand firm in God, having on the whole armor, is by doing faithfully the work God has given them to do.–Manuscript 75, 1900. {CM 32.1}
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