by Sabrina Robinson

In 2005 under the pastoral leadership of Pastor Vandeon Griffin, the church members decided to enter into the rebuilding of Mt. Olive SDA Church.  Since that time there has hardly been a man, woman or child who has passed through our doors who has not in some way contributed to the mortgage. There has been highs and lows during this 14 year journey but through the grace of God, we are able to stand here today rejoicing in His favor and goodness. Individual donations and memorials from the blessed brethren and friends of our church who have died — all have contributed to bring us to this day.

The paying off of the mortgage speaks well of the leadership (Elder Vandeon Griffin; Elder Clarence Norman; Elder Leonard Newton;  Elder James Harris; and Pastor Albert Frazier) through the years and the congregation of Mt. Olive for the work and dedication required to reach this special event.

The elimination of our debt is not the end but instead the beginning of new opportunities for ministry and mission. As we paid off our debt with gratitude, prayer and faith; I now pray you will embrace God’s call to a new and exciting future with the same gratitude, prayer and faith. Thank you for the privilege of walking with you on this wonderful journey.