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Written by: Pastor Reginald Robinson

My wife and I arrive at the Vicksburg/Port Gibson Mississippi District, we had the pleasure of meeting Sister Gladys M. Williams a member of the Morning Star Seventh-day Adventist Church, Vicksburg, MS. We soon discovered that she was a wealth of love, knowledge, and a love for cooking that she shared with us. One day she invited to accompany her to her personal ministry of love through her cooking. With the help of other church members. Every second and fourth Mondays you will find her at the Salvation Army cooking and serving full meals, sandwiches and chips were not an option for her. For the last 18-year Sister Gladys severed there faithfully, I and just thankful that God allowed me as her Pastor to be a part of her ministry.

A couple of weeks after she fell asleep in Jesus, I received a call from the Salvation Army requesting my and my wife’s presence at a memorial service for Gladys, but this was not and ordinary service. They wanted to remember by giving out 200 plates of fully cooked food in her memory. It was truly a blessing to see the community honoring someone that touched so many with the gift that God has given her.