This Week’s Emergency

Public Health officials are warning that we will see a high COVID-19 death rate this week, the

most critical week so far. The Surgeon General is calling it our “Pearl Harbor.” It is

recommended that we not even go to the grocery or the pharmacy during this time, and if we

have to go out, to where cloth facemasks or face covering of some kind.

Sick and not Know it

Dr. Fauci warns that as many as 50% of persons with COVID-19 may show no symptoms; feeling

well is not conclusive proof that you are well. Please be careful. Stay at home.

Spiritual Health

Many pastors are using social media platforms to stay in touch with members, even beyond

continuing Sabbath services – weeks of prayer, evangelistic series, fasting and prayer together,

are just some ways pastors are using to keep the flock together. There is a blessing behind this

curse; staying at home means fewer distractions and more time for focusing on spiritual