COVID-19 likely cyclical

According to Dr. Fauci, the coronavirus is likely to be cyclical with a resurgence expected in the

fall. By then however, the country should be better equipped to respond.

30 states on lock-down

Thirty governors have issued mandatory stay-at-home orders for their entire state, including

Tennessee and Kentucky. Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi have orders in place for parts of

their states.

Economic Stimulus

With the two trillion dollar economic bailout now in place, married couples earning up to

$150,000/year, who are joint filers on their taxes, can expect to receive $2,400. They will also

receive $500 for every dependent child declared on their taxes.

Families that make more than $150,000/year will receive a lesser amount, reduced by $5 for

every $100 they earn over $150,000. The money phases out at $198,000/year earnings.

The IRS will use tax returns from 2019 to determine who qualifies. If you haven’t filed for 2019

yet, they will use the 2018 returns; not sure about the timing. Let the dollars flow!