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“Fit for the Fight” Winter Federation 2018 By Sean Williams

The 2018Winter Youth Federation for South Alabama/North Florida was an amazing experience for many of the youth including those of Bethany SDA Church inMontgomery, Alabama. Being able to represent our church in such a great number made us feel like we were a part of something very special.  We all agreed on certain nuances that made the federation effective in its ministry.

The weekend kicked off with a talent show entitled “Adventist Got Talent”.  A variety of talents were displayed that included original poetry readings, a presentation of native songs and instruments, praise dancing, an excerpt reading from a literary work penned by Sean Williams and Elijah Wilson and so much more.  

After a night of displaying God’s talents the youth were presented with a game of “Bible Baseball” (Jordan Street) and a skit titled “Do We Really Need to Go to Church?” (Bethany) for Sabbath School. The message   the skit, the church is a community of believers who confess Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, was taken from Hebrews 10:25. The skit was well received by everyone.  

The music ministry of Young and Unafraid (Bethany) and UVOP (JordanStreet) prepared us for the worship service through song. Pastor Cody Miller of Temple Gate SDA Church truly connect with the audience of youth with his relatable, humorous, message entitled “Hunger”.  He made 

Pastor Cody Miller, speaker.

the sermon more personable to everyone. “He really helped me realize that we need to put God first and be purified”, Madison Purifoy.  PastorMiller reiterated that we are humans of error and falter, but we should never“trade the rare for the common”.  As a young pastor he afforded us the opportunity to interact with him not just as the speaker but also as a real person.  He took the time to answer questions individually and was genuinely interested in our stories and helping us succeed. 

After lunch we gathered together for our service project “Make a Difference-Donate”. Our mission was to collect non-perishable items that will be delivered to the Panama City SDA church members who were victims of Hurricane Michael. Keldrick Purifoy said The community service was fun. It was a great way to help others”.

At the completion of the service project we capped off the night at Pensacola Beach.  We enjoyed walking along the beach, playing in the sand, wading in the water and taking pictures to capture the excitement of being on the beach.  My friends, Eden, Za’Nia, Azaria, JaCoreyiah, and Shemiah all enjoyed hang out on the beach most of all. We ended the night with song service and prayer lead out by Pastor Yvens Melidor, South Alabama/Northwest Florida Youth Federation president.

Being a part of this amazing federation is like being a part of an incredible community of people who are in church sharing the same joys and frustrations. This community stands by each other’s side no matter the cause. Hats off to the federation committee. They were visibly available and mingled amongst us. They were a part of all the festivities every step of the way.  Overall, Youth Federation was a great blessing to me and the rest of the youth. Prayerfully attendance will increase, and more lives will be touched.

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