Printed materials have always been an crucial part of sharing the gospel in our church. In fact, even before the Seventh-day Adventist Church had an official name, the power of the press was being utilized to reach the hearts and minds with the gospel message.

The Publishing Department of South Central Conference oversees an important method of spreading God’s Word. The literature ministry spreads the Three Angels’ Message.

About Java Mattison

Pastor Java Dean Mattison, Jr. is a native of Atlanta, GA., he is a graduate of GAAA class of 98. While at Oakwood College, he felt God leading him to become a literature evangelist at Literature Evangelism Training Center and felt a call from God to enter the gospel ministry. After receiving his B.A. in theology, he graduated from Andrew’s University and received his Master’s of Divinity, where he also is in the final stages of completion of a Doctorate of Ministry in Organizational Leadership. Currently he serves as Publishing Director of South Central Conference where he has also pastored the Maranatha SDA in Columbia,TN, served as interim pastor of Oaklands Park SDA and associate pastor at the New Life SDA in Nashville, TN.


Pastor Mattison is married to the former Toyin Giles and they have three beautiful children named Taelor, Haniah, and Java III. He enjoys leading young people to experience God while serving as literature evangelist. This past summer over 90 young people shared truth-filled literature containing the everlasting gospel in several cities including Atlanta and raised over half a million dollars to go towards their Christian education. He has a passion for the Publishing ministry and prays that more lay members would catch the vision that this is the work God has for them to do at this time by sharing small inexpensive literature with as many people as possible concerning the hope of Jesus soon return.


Here are serveral copies of our yearbooks from the past years. We endeavors to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world to every nation through the use of the printed pages.

2012 Yearbook
2013 Yearbook
2014 Yearbook
2015 Yearbook
2016 Yearbook
2017 Yearbook
2018 Yearbook


The Literature Evangelism Training Center (LETC) is a place where students can spread the word of God and help to support their financial situation at the same time.

MagaBook Canvass
The Bible Reference Library Canvass
The Bible Story Canvass
The Heritage Bible Canvass


Here are the required forms to begin literature evangelism.

Literature Evangelist Application
Exit Form
W-9 Form


These are here to help you in your LE work.

Bedtime Story Outline
My Bible Friends Outline

Price List

Check out these prices so that you stay within your budget!

Alabama Price List
Kentucky Price List
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Director of Publishing

Java Mattison
Office: ext. 119


 Toyin Mattison

 Departmental Secretary

 Office: ext. 139

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