The goal of the education department is to encourage a broad level of achievement in its students and challenge schools to provide an advanced rigorous academic curriculum. We foster in students a knowledge of the true image of God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a love for Him through communion with the Holy Spirit. We challenge students to realize that it is their responsibility to obtain their highest potential on earth in mental, physical and spiritual health.

We want our students to adopt a systematic, logical and rational approach to decision-making and problem solving based on a body of scientific, mathematical, historical, and social knowledge, within the context of a biblical perspective.

To emphasize both verbal and non-verbal communication skills to prepare students for global leadership. We foster in students a love for learning as modeled by teachers who consistently and critically seek new knowledge and engage in professional development. We also provide pastors, school boards and administrators with training on how to meet the financial needs necessary to accomplish the vision and mission of the conference.

About Johnny Holliday

 Johnny Holliday is an ordained elder and certified educator. He has over 24  years of experience in the field of education; seventeen of these years have been in the area of Educational Administration & Supervision. Holliday received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Alcorn State University (Lorman MS). He also received a Masters of Education Degree from The University of Georgia (Athens GA). He earned an add-on Degree in Educational Administration & Supervision from Albany State University (Albany GA). 

Holliday is both denominational and public school certified in the areas of Educational Leadership. He is also a certified teacher evaluator and has been the keynote presenter for several educational conferences in Ontario, California and throughout Georgia on topics such as Differentiated Instruction, Data-Driven Instruction & Effective Teacher Evaluation. 

One of Mr. Holliday’s goals is to do everything possible to help cultivate young minds to serve Christ and be productive citizens whereby “failure is not an option”.  His final goal and desire is to hear God say, well done my Good and faithful servant.

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